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M: +61 413 896 634
A: 27 Salisbury Avenue, South Perth


Assisting to re-establish balance...

Standard Kinesiology Session……60 minutes……$110
Rebates for Kinesiology sessions are available with most health funds.
You are welcome to cancel or reschedule your appointments, but please give me 24 hour notice, a 50% cancellation fee applies otherwise.


Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as its major tool. It is a form of biofeedback that helps reveal subconscious stresses and imbalances that prevent healing. It therefore provides the key to understanding the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes of an imbalance. Once the cause of the imbalance has been established, muscle monitoring also directs the type of therapy needed. This makes each Kinesiology session unique and individual as I follow the clues and trails that the muscle response provides; taking both you, and I as your practitioner, on a journey of discovery and wholeness.


Kinesiology treats various conditions in a holistic non-invasive way. It is an effective therapy for most health issues and assists in easing life challenges. Kinesiology is not a system based on diagnoses; instead Kinesiology helps you address a current or long-lasting concern, it also helps maintain and manage your greater health and wellbeing.
Kinesiology aids in relieving emotional and mental stress, eases food sensitivities; improved immunity and vitality, and women’s health concerns. It can also improve areas in your life, such as relationship difficulties, problem solving and removing self-limiting beliefs to achieve your goals.



“I’ve always been interested in the mind-body connection and have had Kinesiology balances for a while now. I’ve found them to be beneficial in helping with health and healing on all levels, but in particular, for improving brain functioning and releasing emotional blocks. Each visit is very grounding and uncovers new information that I can consciously work with and combined with Flower Essences; continue to make intuitive connections long after a session with Heidi. I can highly recommend Heidi Sheppard as a skilled, gentle and responsive practitioner to anyone who is in need of an alternative holistic therapy. “

–  V. McClafferty


“I always feel centered and refreshed after a balance with Heidi. Heidi’s calm and caring nature ensures a good result whatever the issues are we are working on. Heidi always gives her best and is very supportive and understanding. As a fellow kinesiologist I thoroughly recommend her services.“

–  Alina Copping, Kinesiologist