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The release of tension held in your body...

Reflexology Treatment………..60 minutes……$70
Deluxe Reflexology Treatment….90 minutes……$90

Your feet give a marvelous reflection of each part of your body. Every part of the body has a reflex zone on the foot. By using certain massage techniques delicate pressure is applied to these reflex zones. Reflexology stimulates both the circulation and the nerve supply to parts of the body through these reflex points. This increased blood flow and enhanced nerve response can result in an overall improvement of energy flow, which may release energy blockages.  This can then assist the body’s self-healing abilities – a balanced body is a healthy body.
You will find that the main benefit of Reflexology is the release of tension held in your body, and help to return it to a greater balance. Treatments are profoundly relaxing and promote increased physical and emotional wellbeing.
The Deluxe Reflexology Treatment includes a complete standard treatment plus the application of a foot mask at the end that will soothe and invigorate your feet.



“Heidi’s reflexology treatments make you want to come back for more. Her sensitive, caring touch both helped disperse specific sore areas on the feet and brought about an overall sense of deep relaxation.”

– Jyoti Mckie